Sunday, May 29, 2011

Helen's Super Cool News

I'm delighted to announce...

My collection of short stories tentatively titled HAIR SIDE, FLESH SIDE has been contracted by ChiZine Publications  for 2013 with world-wide distribution -- assuming we still have bookstores in 2013, you'll be able to pick it up at your local one! I'm absolutely over the moon about this, and since Brett Savory sneakily put the contract in my hand, I've been writing like a fiend.

HAIR SIDE, FLESH SIDE is a book about books. The collection has been inspired in part by my work in medieval studies on fourteenth century manuscripts. The usual material for writing on in medieval books or documents was parchment made from the skin of sheep, goats or calves. When the treatment was complete, the hair side of the animal skin (the part originally on the outside of the animal) could be distinguished from the flesh side (the part on the inside). The short stories of the collection pick up on the themes of history, permanence and what it means to make art -- with some funny, sexy bits in between.

2013 seems like a long way off, and so I'm also really chuffed to announce that I'll be releasing a poetry chapbook entitled SKELETON LEAVES from Kelp Queen Press later in the summer. The chapbook, featuring art by the crazy talented Chris Roberts of Dead Clown Art, offers a dark retelling of J. M. Barrie's PETER PAN, and will be available from myself and from Kelp Queen directly.

That's about all from me -- it's been zero to one fifty in the last month or so. I just wanted to end by saying thanks to all of you for your support, for your commitment to great fiction, and for just being awesome folks.

PS: Since I'm here, I should probably mention that my poem "Waiting for the Harrowing" has been nominated for a 2011 Aurora Award in the POETRY category. You can read it here. Voting begins in early June at the Aurora Award website so I highly recommend you check out the nominated works -- there have been some absolutely stellar productions this year, and the poetry category, newly introduced this year, has drawn attention to some amazing work by Sandra Kasturi, Carolyn Clink, Colleen Anderson, and Robert J. Sawyer.

PPS: I know, an annoying plethora of good fortune, but Sandra Kasturi and I have also been nominated for BEST FAN ORGANIZATIONAL for our work on the Toronto SpecFic Colloquium. Last year was a great event, and we've got even more scheduled for 2011 with Guest of Honour Mike Carey!