Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thief of CZP Books

Hey guys,

We're doing a big contest over at CZP right now where if you buy Tim Lebbon's /The Thief of Broken Toys/ then you can win a subscription for our next year's line up! The thing is, it has to be today -- June 1st! I really do encourage you to check out this novella (which has the heart of a novel). It makes a great, if slightly chilling, Father's Day read.

"When a father loses his son and his wife leaves him, he cannot tear himself away from the small fishing village where the boy's memories reside. They're all he has left.

Thinking that his life is all but over, he takes to wandering the cliffs, carrying broken things that he always promised his son he would fix, but never did. They're a sign of his failure, and they keep little Toby close.
And then he meets the thief of broken toys, and everything begins to change"

I copy-edited the book, and it's a really moving tale: beautiful language, a crisp and melancholy setting, and a little bit of magic thrown in to boot.

Here's the link of reviews and descriptions: http://chizine.com/chizinepub/books/thief-of-broken-toys.php
Here's the link for the contest itself: http://chizine.com/chizinepub/contests/thief-czp-books.php