Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Settling In

It's been a couple of days now since my last post--most of these have been spent wandering around Oxford, finding bedding, finding more bedding, finding even more bedding (it's really cold!) and meeting up with folk.

Rather than tell you everything that happened, I will simply post some pictures. Pretend you're here with me!

Oh, right, except for lunch with Simon. That was kind of spectacular because I actually get to eat in the Senior Fellow's dining room at Magdalen College. In the hallway was your standard buffet table (much like Massey) but the dining room itself was sumptuous--exactly like what you expect when you read a Harry Potter novel. There was a little turn-table in the centre that held bottles of flat and fizzy water. And we had a separate room for tea and coffee. I bet there was port around. My Massey senses were tingling. But I did not find any. My housemates have invited me for a formal dinner at University College on Friday...here we go...!

One of my favourite shots of Magdalen College. Just can't get enough popes, I tell ya...

Magdalen College again, I think, but a beautiful shot of the trees starting to come to life. Apparently, it's spring here. You wouldn't think so from the temperature of my room.

A shot of statues looking down from on high. Oxford is a place where you always feel like you're being watched.

I love this sign: "Members of the public are welcome to walk in the Fellows' Garden, but they are advised that there is no way out at the other end." You can come in, but you can't ever leave...and the picking of flowers is forbidden. Damnit!

Add ImageAnd now we actually see some shots of the city proper. You can make out the Radcliffe Camera (the large roundish building) and what I think may be the Old Bodleian beyond it. This was taken on Catte Street where the medieval scribes used to work. Cool, huh?

I feel like I should know which college this is, but sadly I don't. Look at those stormclouds though, huh? It's like zero to fifty over here--it can be bright blue and then cloud over at a moment's notice. Now, having been soaked through on two occasions, I will carry my tiny child's umbrella (thanks Laura!) at all times.

Last but not least, the mysterious Ben Fortescue poses next to a picture of his archnemesis, after explaining to me how he once almost assaulted Bill Clinton on his bicycle (Ben's bicycle, not Bill's).